Pallet Logistics of America provides pallet sales, manufacturing, recycling, and management for customers in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas.
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Pallet Logistics of America – experts analyze the needs of customers and set up TPM programs tailored to those specific needs

Pallet Flows:

Pallet Flows between manufacturer, distributor, retailer and pallet services company.

At Pallet Logistics of America, we offer a variety of services to our customers we call Total Pallet Management. What is Total Pallet Management (TPM)? Simply put, TPM is the sum of all supply chain processes and functions related to the management of a company’s pallet program. Whether your company simply needs someone to remove some excess pallets or you are looking for a complete pallet management program, look no further than Pallet Logistics of America.

At Pallet Logistics of America, we are experts at analyzing the needs of our customers and setting up TPM programs tailored to our customer’s specific needs. The TPM services listed below can be provided a-la-carte or as an end-to-end solution for any customer. Whatever your pallet needs, Pallet Logistics of America has the experience to evaluate your needs and offer complete solutions to your business.

Elements of a TPM program include but are not limited to:
Pallet Removal and PurchasingPallet Removal/Purchasing
Pallet SortationPallet Sortation
Pallet RepairsPallet Repairs
Unit Load ConsultingUnit Load Consulting
Heat TreatingHeat Treating

Many of these services can be done at either your location or at one of our state-of-the-art facilities. For more information on any of these TPM solutions, please contact Larry Snyder at or 972-572-4141.

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