Pallet Logistics of America provides pallet sales, manufacturing, recycling, and management for customers in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas.
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Pallet Logistics of America – trained professional works with the National Wooden Pallet and Container Associationís Pallet Design SystemTM 4.0

Unit Load Consulting

Pallet Logistics of America has trained professionals in computer-aided unit load design. Using the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association’s Pallet Design SystemTM 4.0, we can:

Analyze your current unit loadsAnalyze your current unit loads to ensure that your current pallets are sufficient to minimize product damage and maximize safety

Design and build pallets to meet your needsWork with your staff to design and build pallets to meet your needs as new products are developed or new packaging is introduced

Analyze potential cost savingsUse the system to analyze potential cost savings by reengineering the pallets you currently purchase to reduce material usage or substitute lower cost materials

See a sample of an Unit Load Consulting specification sheet.

Premier Asset Logistics Network (PALNET USA) is a group of “Best in Class” regional pallet companies providing pallet solutions to customers across the North America Pallet Logistics of America products meet stringent National Wood & Pallet Container Association (NWPCA) standards
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