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Pallet Logistics of America – urban forest mulch enhances your home, office, or roadway median.

Urban Forest Mulch

How can we all help contribute to environmental responsibility?

At Pallet Logistics of America, old wooden pallets are reborn into a new product called Urban Forest Mulch. We have invested heavily in knowledge and equipment to keep old pallets from taking up precious space in our landfills. In doing so, we offer high quality landscape mulch that enhances your home, office, or roadway median.

The mulch is manufactured using only the strongest part of the tree, and then an FDA approved coloring dye is applied to the material.

This process results in a long lasting product that is bright and vibrant in color, well after initial installation.

Our strategic alliance with local mulch retailers allows us to provide all types of service along with this product. If you need product in a bag or in bulk, small quantities delivered and installed in your house or semi-truckloads for a large project, we can deliver.

Still curious? We have included an Urban Forest Mulch FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to help you understand more about this exciting new product.

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